Recently I posted a shout out in my facebook account that says : I hate Davaenos speaking tagalog mixed up with bisaya. It is disgusting to hear. "Mag kain na kami" "Kadami, masyado kana" Whoa, such a fool..and the award winning phrase Kainis ka masyado, or kainis ka man uy!"  In my opinion it is really disgusting to hear. If Manila has Conyo in Davao City we do have this trend that I find it awful and annoying to listen to. What's with that?

The Situation :

To make it easy let's do it this way. Not from Davao (NFD) From Davao (FD)

NFD: Umuulan ba?
FD: Hindi man.
NFD: Ha? Sinong man?
FD: Wala uy!
NFD: Alam mo hindi kita maintindihan.
FD: Ako pud.

For me I find it disgusting and awful sound! Well, forgive me my fellow Davaenos but this trend is just gruesome. We have the right to speak, in a way that we should also know the way and the sound when we talk. Some may find it cute, but as for those people who know what language is- it would be a rueful sound.

There's more!

And then we have the very helpful two-letter words that can transform all nouns and whatever to verbs, the two-letter wonder GI.

1) Gi balot ko na yung regalo. Sagot: Oo nakita ko dala mo lagi.
2) Gi basa mo na ba yung libro? Sagot: wala pa man.
3) Gi tapon ko na yung pantalon mo. Sagot: Hala uy, bakit mo naman gi tapon?
4) Gi kuha na nila ang manager's check pero gi balik kasi wrong spelling daw. Sagot: Lagi.
5) Gi suntok pala sya. Hala uy, Bakit man ganun? Sagot: Lagi!

And then we have that magical three-letter word that makes people from Luzon cringe and shudder when they hear it: MAG and its past tense cousin NAG

1) Magkain na ako. Sagot: Ha? Magkain na naman di ba bago ka lang nagkain?
2) Magsama ka sa amin? Sagot: Hindi nagpunta na ako kanina.
3) Magsumbong ako sa boyfriend mo. Sagot: Sus uy, naga joke lang ako.

And who can forget BITAW and GANI?

HTD: Si Maria mabait na tao.
TD: Bitaw, mabait talaga si Maria.
HTD: Nahulog si Maria?
TD: Bakit mo nasabi yun?
HTD: Sabi mo bitaw.
TD: Sus uy hindi gani yun ang meaning ko.

  1. Hahahaha.... My. Mom is also bisaya, luckily i never had those. But i am proud to be "BisaCuy", meanng bisayang kuyunin... Cuyunin is the native of our province Palawan.


  2. Hahaha. I can now understand this scenario because of your additional explanation. A good friend (from Davao) calls me and we had a topic on this once. Hehe

  3. JJ Roa Rodriguez: Cool!

  4. the green breaker: Thanks Green!

  5. haha I often misinterpret most of their words, :))

  6. T.R.Aurelius: hahaha, even I do..

  7. haha ginugulo ang usapan!

  8. ZaiZai: Anu pa nga ba..

  9. Ahehehe.. minsan talaga, may mga words na namimisinterpert din ako. lol, pero merong mga salitang naiintidihan ko din (Ilongga kasi me)..

    Naku, binitawan kasi sabi "bitaw" daw.. awts. :p

  10. Leah.: hahaha. Thanks Ley!


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