I have to agree on Kelly Clarkson's newest single "What doesn't kill you- makes you stronger" it struck me from the moment I listen to it. It captures my taste in music, I just also noticed most of her songs are purely showing strength and survival. How cool? Well it all started with Because of you and followed by many hits that shock waves the music hit charts.

But this is not a music review.

I went to Manila last sunday spent 3 days darting around, no bloggers who dare to meet this hottie (lol) from Davao city. I'm sad then. I went there to apply, maybe get a work and live there once more. It was hideous, too hot, traffic was really crap all day long. But i was able to visit some friends and as well as go gimik at Hard Rock Cafe in Makati, and I got to watch  Mocha performed. They are sexy but hell yeah, auto tone voices, they can dance though which is good enough.

I got the job, was hired but with just blink of an eye it was gone. Why? What happened? I just hate to say this thing over here, but i guess that person deserves a slap from me, or a spank. Can I suggest it would be "killing him" that would makes me satisfied. i am on the verge of anger and hatred to that person. And one day, he'll kneel down and say sorry on things that he had done!

For now that is it. My brain is trying to internalized all things that had happened. I wish when I go back to Manila I can meet some of my blogger friends. Next week.


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  1. Maybe you will get to meet some of them next time. At least you had some fun.

  2. Anonymous3/01/2012

    bagay na bagay sayo yung kanta,,,,

    sakin din...

    sometimes life sucks and we must learn to fuck it XD

  3. bagotilyoako: yes indeed~

  4. that goes to show that God has a better plan for you.

  5. and btw. thanks for introducing me to this. its been fun! got to do this more often.

  6. Daniel: Cool, np.. Happy to read your posts soon..

  7. Anonymous3/06/2012

    there will be someone, who's better and just waiting for you....



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