I know that this is no longer on the verge of the issue about Anne Curtis concert, and forgive me with my late reaction, voicing it out is all I can do. Posting it on this blog to defend Anne on her Anne-bisyosa singing career, and the recently full packed  Araneta coliseum concert. Who says she can't do it?

I was stunned by her glamorous beauty, quirky personality and of-course her talent. She is indeed a full package artist. Can act, dance,host and of-course the latest she can sing! Move over Lea Salonga, Anne Curtis is making her way to her world tour. Everyone was happy with her concert. Everyone was commenting on how funny, artistic and fabulous the concert was. Even I could say it was a wonderful concert. Truly Anne inspires us to make our dream come true.

The true sentiment here is not about Anne Curtis jump packed concert nor how talented she is, instead the real reason behind this post is the extremely rude comment of  Ms. Lea Salonga against Anne. As per Lea " She can't listen to someone who has an out of tune voice, and that she might kill herself." She better kill herself then!

Lea has talent, an award winning singer/actress, broadway musical superstar, but, does she have the right to say rude comments  to someone who only wanted to make her dream come true? Does she have the right to throw morbid words against someone who dreamt of making and letting her fans enjoy the night with her. It is her dream that she is fighting for, and I bet she has the right to sing. I respect Lea, she's iconic, truly gifted. But on saying it to someone who cannot sing fairly well is like slapping her "out of tuned" fans. Who paid tickets, fall inline and spent the night with her when she has a concert. Her voice gave her the life that she has right now, fame and fortune.

Who would love to hear words that are uncertain, words that are typically cannot be spoken by someone whom the whole  world loved and endeared. I adore Lea but that was before, the adoration had changed into hating her. Literally not because of Anne's case, but, because of her disapproval to let someone make her dream come true. She is the odd, and has no nerve to spit it out when she wants to. I grew up listening to her music, praising her prowess in singing- but it will changed now. I find myself on Anne's case, I do have the gift of talking and hosting events, but in singing it is my deepest and craziest frustration. Beyond that, I still love singing, and I still wanted to sing even if  I would be out of tune. Because singing are not only for those who can hit the highest notes, it is not only to those who can scream perfectly- but it is also for those who wants to let their voices be heard. Be it if in the comfort room, bed room, vidoeke or in his or her concert (Annebisyosa one).

To Lea:

You should never say anything that would hurt someone, you should never comment rude and disgusting words that would displeased someone. You have established yourself, you have proven us your worth as a singer and as an actress. I respect you, you have your opinion about people who can't sing fairly well. But you DON'T have the RIGHT to say such words that downgrades others. You should watch your words. Do not be delirious in such a way. Act like you are a true singer.Instead try to do it in a constructive criticism. In the end Anne had fulfilled her dream, well it's a jump packed one. So learn your lessons!

Watch the video, and tell me if she has the right to say it. If you said so, you are crazy then..

The Hell You Care?

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  1. i have high respect with Lea... wrong that it was delivered offensive but she has the right to protect her craft.... negative and positive on this... that remark could have been said in a better way... problema kasi sa pinas lahat na lang magkacareer out of singing... just imagine Manny Pacquiao... di ba? i love anne curtis, her looks and figure and acting and hosting, she is good in that... concentrate on it... singing if it need to be done then do it but not a career though... hehehe... as for Lea, please?... I respect you and I love singing too but... ah basta...

  2. i reviewed the anne curtis videos on that concert on youtube... even the sam milby duet is OMG! it's out of tune...

    sorry to say this... it is really is annebisyosa...


  3. JJ Roa Rodriguez: I understand your point. But i guess she should never say something that would definitely hurt others. It is too gross to hear that from someone who idolized her. it sucks. she should know how to use good words to describe it.


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