I love sex, it is something that I looked forward to every time I have encounters. With all the things that I think of, sex is an antidote to a so-called stress life. Who doesn't love sex anyway? Priest and Nuns buddy. Really? I bet not. You gotta listen to those acolyte who had experienced with the priest. Little sucking and stuff. So now you know?

The best sex experience for me was when we tried it outside, we decided to take it into the woods calling it (Jungle Bites Sex-perience). What makes sex exciting when you tend to do it in the woods,   is you are caught off-guard to things that might happened next. The level of tension that is enveloping you both is on its peak. While your mind is in ambivalent mode, trying to ditch out the fear that boggles you, while your down there is trying to reign over, pumping inside and out. How cool?

You would never imagine yourself being pumped or the one who pumps, shaking, with an eye of a tiger. Twirling your eyes and at thesame time you are focus, mind that is alert to every little snarl you will hear. So the hormones will sprout faster than you could ever imagine. It will brought you both from the land down under to the highest peak of the heavens heaven.And that is the best way of doing sex into the woods. Sexciting as always.

So who wants to explore? Don't just do it in the four corners of your room, if you can use other spaces in your place then do it. Might be in kitchen, living room, toilet, garage, roof top or anywhere you want to do it. Do it with an explorative mode. Sex will be boring if you do it with just one position. Try other stuff that gives niche to the usual things that happened when you do it.

So now you know?  Wait  there's more!

Sex makes our body relax and takes away all ailments that we feel, this is the benefits of doing sex in a regular basis  at least twice or trice a week will do, according to the study conducted in Scotland. It is also effective to those who wants to loose weight because in 30 seconds of pounding will burn 80% of calories you have.But  still the doctors advised everyone  to just slow it down.

But how about those who doesn't have partners?

Doctor says that those who doesn't have partners, and who does not ejaculate regularly are prone to prostate cancer. A lot of patients who has endometreal cancer, happened to those who does not have sexual relationship and mostly happened to girls. Less ejaculation are more prone to complications.

So Sex is the best. Do it at your best!

Nice Reading..

  1. I couldn't agree more with you. LOL

  2. Guess! I have to do it more often now while i still can... LOL!...


  3. JJ Roa Rodriguez: Hahahahaha.. Go@!


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