It is amazing to look back and let the lessons we have learned be reminisced. Letting it be a symbol of pursuing more and more in life. A mirror of life. Looking back with my experiences in blogging world I said to myself that in grammar, blog helped me improved it, in gaining friends/lover I could say that "It's more fun the Philippines as well as in blogging." 

In my four years of writing my rants, reviews, checking other blogs I could say that it is something that is fulfilling to do. Timescapades was my first ever blog, on this blog I had featured other blogs, reviewed products, and somehow I earned just enough to say that blogging is an income generating too. We can write and at thesame time we can earn. How cool? Well, but you gotta know how to do it.

At first, since the blogging industry is as fast as BPO's when it comes to influencing others, I was really up into something- to earn. But it took me a year before i earn. Famous quotation says " Patience is a virtue." It is amazing when I received my pay check like a hundred dollars, and  it helps.

It was last year when I wrote my experiences in blogging (here) ranting about those coolest and nastiest experiences I had.

Why do I blog?

 It is a treatment of my insidious dilemma. Easy way of expressing your frustrations, raving for something that is unreal. Letting your emotions be gathered and spilled it all at once by posting something that is worth reading. It helps me develop my grammar. By reading other blogs, I get some bits of lessons to learned either  it is fiction or non fiction. And gaining more friends is feasible, they might be not so visible but you know they hear you and they listen to your clamor.

The jokes and the fun in blogging is all I look forward to. The kabaklaan and the ka hornyhan. Truly we Pinoys are one of the hottest human in the world! Because even in blogging world, other races will tend to think how this person looks like, and with that they would dig deeper to your personal life- and boom boyfriend na kayo. Gosh and landi!

The main core of this post is I have found love in this blogging world.Mamula -mula cheeks ko ha.  Blogger din sya. Zai knows about it. hahahaha.

Anyway happy hearts to all of you!

We Found Love in Blogging!

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  1. Blogging has, in a way, helped me love myself a bit more actually too.

  2. and so did I. hahaha. happy hearts' day, tim.

  3. the green breaker: thanks buddy!


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