A letter from a friend :

I felt so preoccupied and disgusted these days, the hallucination i used to battle before seems trying to eye on me once more. Experiencing the lapses and rants my brain has is a terrible thing. Mind the is the battle ground of my life. So as it is given that my mind should be in a good mood to make things possible. But heck, I can't even push myself forward, aside from a fact that I am trying to gauge if  I should quit from my current job, moved to Manila and what? Work? Crap, this seems making me morbidly forlorn. OK, I have done so many things, somehow has inspired a few, had changed my beliefs and had augmented my means in life. What am I going to do? Can you help me pls?

This anonymous sender caught me off-guard! My life is a myriad of shits and craps, but still whoever this sender was, I am thankful for being so eager to sent this email to me. How lucky I am, somebody from outer space has been following me, or has been reading my blog. I felt so touch right now.

So this is my reply to my anonymous sender.

Dear Sender,

I read your email, and was really stunned. Who the heck are you? Following me, don't you know I am just this normal person, nomad. Trying to gauge what's good and what's bad for me. But since you needed help in figuring out stuff, I have here my honest/barbaric reply. I hope in a little way, it would help you to come up a better solution to your dilemma these days.

Recognizing your weaknesses will paved you way to understand the growth that you are in today. As we grow up, we tend to learn so much that our mind cannot be able to beat 'em all. What am trying to say is, our mind needs to grip and let it be internalized so we can be able to come up with a better solutions. Hence, we are doubtful, in lieu of our present predicament.

Your present condition  is really a mind boggling one. I had been through this and I can really relate, I know for a fact that we losses  our focus and has been drooled on thinking worse for ourselves, but stay back and listen to the voice of your innate. Let your self be still. So here are my tips in overcoming your preoccupied mind and present dilemma. I hope it'll help you, or just at least you would have an idea on how to make this clearer this time.


  • Understand that you are growing up, that you are in the process of knowing yourself more. Maybe the world is giving you so much, that you can't take a grasp  on it. So the best way is, do not force yourself to learn the things that you are not ready to take on. You also need to know the capability of yourself on understanding and accepting everything in your own way. Do not force yourself.
  • Take it as a challenge. Do not brag of solving something which you know you can't.
  • Be Responsible on taking decisions. It is not how good you are in making decisions, but it is how responsible you are on accepting the effects of it, either good or bad.
  • Ask for guidance and advice. We needed people(family,friends etc) to listen to us. We needed their advises to sort things out. As well as their suggestions/advises may give you enlightenment. 
  • Listen to your heart. You have to acknowledge it, because sooner or later- your heart will pave the way on understanding the niche of life that wanted to live. 
  • Faith can move mountain. God is the only person who can be able to give you the best and the nicest decisions.
This has been the hardest part I have encounter in blogging. gosh, giving advises is really gross. You have to be keen on giving words. Mr. Anonymous, thanks for choosing me. I hope my email will pave you way on making best decision for yourself. 


Dear Anonymous..

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  1. I think that was pretty good advice there, and you really went out of your way to give it.

  2. Mark: thanks buddy- it's a bloody one instead. hehehe

  3. those advises you gave are good enough, it's helpful.


  4. T.R.Aurelius: hahaha, thanks man.


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