I've watched one show a while back and learned something from the guest. It has been said that there's a difference from being blessed and from being lucky? Now what's the difference?

Growing up wasn't as easy as I thought it was. Being the youngest of the family I got to see my siblings working hard so they would be able to make their dreams come true, when I was young I am so observant about the growth of life I should have. Things that I needed to achieved. It's quite odd to them, knowing that at a very young age,  kids like me would never do that. But I am different. I assume, because life's hardship is hard to bear, so in anyway I tend to make myself comfortable, may it be on jotting down all my dreams, things to buy when I have my own money. It was hard living in a family who has a naive attitude, fears that encapsulate their dreams and those short minded ones who would just disgust me. It is suffocating to someone who got a gaudy vision about the world. Who sees the world as a better place to live in, and who sees the world as bountiful.

I guess all of us has a story to tell, we just need to be listen to. I am quite evasive on sharing my story to people, there are friends I have who have known me for quite sometime yet I don't have the guts on telling them my whole. It feels like it is a "no-need to" anyway. And what's important is that I am living my life wonderfully. But heck, there are people who really wanna hear your story, for you/me it is boring to blab it again and again, but to them they find inner strength on it. 

As what i have said at the top that there's a huge difference on being lucky and bless. So it goes like this : the world is unfair, it is given. There are people who strive-less but they get what they want in life. And there are those who struggle hard enough to make their dreams come true. In a weighing situation, people tend to see the world as unfair on treating us human. But again it is unfair. But it'll be fair when you think it is! Aside from it, we tend to look for a solutions on things that we can't alter. "Pag bakla nung bata pa, pag laki bakla parin yan. wag na pag pilitan na maging straight. Mahirap na." So let us settle on things that we see hope, on things that we find interesting.
Life will never be amazing if there is no pain and struggles. So savor it. Be with it, but do not let 'em beat you. Strive for the best. Be with the best (be with me) lol. 

I got few here that you might be needing! Read and learn..

Love yourself
Pray harder
Find true Love
Be contented but do not settle on good when there is best for you.
Stay positive.
Read more books.
Gain friends, and keep those old and real ones.
Eat healthy food. 
Exercise daily. Hit the gym. Be buff and be sexy.
Take chances on things that you don't know. Explore.
Have sex.
Savor the pain. It'll make you a better person!
Gladden the heart of a kid.
Have faith in God. Have faith in yourself!

Remember the world will never devote itself on making US happy! 

You just need to be listen to..

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  1. I have never wanted to share myself to others, too. Specifically to those people I get to see everyday. I'd rather blog them at least, as no one has to judge me. I really like this post, it has good vibes on it.

  2. This is beautiful... I love the things that u enumerated tim... Awesome!..


  3. JJ Roa Rodriguez: Thanks a lot man!


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