I couldn't agree more on people saying how traffic and noisy Manila is. It has been  the busiest, dirtiest and the most annoying place in our country. But it has been said as well, that "it's more fun in the Philippines" so i gotta live with it. It is now my home, my place, a new one. Main land is mainland. I just remember the tinkerbell's movie, in which she dreamt of going to the mainland. As per her, it's something new, there's something that is mysterious yet graspable things right there. It's beyond imagining. And then she was able to see it. So I find my current situation as hers, how cool?

Most of my friends were shocked on my sudden decision to move here in Manila, they heard me before condemning Manila, ranting as the noisiest and ewwy place to live in. But here I am, eating the dirtiest word I blabbed way back.

Now I am embarking on this route in which people who lived here used to it. I am not this typical Provinciano who don't know what city is, a city life. I know right!

I arrived in Manila, last Sunday morning . Spent my whole day sleeping, my flight was really early. So I have to make it up to my eyes, it's the sexiest part of my body,so I have to take good care of that (aside from my killer abs) Patay ka pag tumingin ka. LOL. The lilting melody of Stephen Speaks song Passenger's seat is clinging me, digging so much- deep within on this "embarking thingy" route. Everything is new. I felt like insanely sane,  trying to cope with the newness of my environment. But what's good about this "embarking route" is I will be able to learned more on being independent, fighter, opportunity seeker and as well as it would strengthen me on invoking my self in prayer. So help me God.

I told myself that I don't have anything left in Davao, not even a single memory to reminisce. Got few good friends, but the thing is, I have to make something good to myself. I have to explore the goodness of life.

By the way,I am so OPEN on meeting bloggers from Manila. Please naman, meet nyo ko. hahaha. I got some old peers here though, but just atleast I could add you on the bunch I have!

Text me : Wag textmates ha. Bloggers lang. 09296776922

  1. Anonymous3/21/2012

    got ur number! sure i'd like to meet you too :)

  2. Sayang you are far away from me... LoL! Have fun!.. Hopefully you will meet other bloggers...


  3. T.R.Aurelius: Woot woot woot


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