Tonight the serenity of it is one of a kind. I hear no sound of whistling wind that draw me to bed. I can hear the sound of it, wooshing over and over. No tracks of how my going would then affects my lifing. I felt frantic.

I am writing this post with a  no brainer idea. Not the ideas of which would drool bloggers to say what's on their mind. This post is quite of a confusion and a delusional strategic way of adhering my hearts' blare. What's in it anyway?

I am still confused. It's a sudden decision of embracing a city life, and my body is now adapting it slowly. I got flue, allergies on my face and my eyes are red. But thanks God to my fighting spirit and self-confidence I was able to get rid of depression. I mean I wanted to live a good life, I bet I deserved it.

"I was stunned on how you view the world. On how you lived your life kid. You have hang ups, failures and pains- but you were able to grasp them back, adhere and move on with a good lesson you'd learned from it. And from then on, you grow up maturely." Am i so sadistic on challenges? Nope, I am just this  innocent boy,  darting around and making foolish things to work. Thanks  father Dan for telling me that.

It's was a tough week for me. I am taking my journey seriously! I need to get a  job, write more inspiring and uplifting posts. Gain more friends. And celebrate life.

Thanks Theo, for the wonderful met up we ad last thursday! He was the first blogger i met here in Manila. Hope to see you again soon..

so help me GOD!

Staying Afloat!

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  1. So tell me, how is the largest city in the island of Mindanao differs from the city of Manila? Don't worry, I know you'll adapt sooner than you expect.

  2. siguro sa manila wala ng libreng hangin sa mindanao meron pa kahit papano hehehehe

  3. ken: it has a huge difference. In every angle i tend to look at it, makes me think of Davao City is way better than Manila. But then again i need to be here for some real reasons. and one of those is to meet you.. lol

  4. POY: Meron namang libre ung nga lang kontaminado na..


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