I am trying to fight the melancholy of this day, it's a boring day. As much as I wanted to texts my friends, heck I don't have the load to do so. It feels like the air is dripping into my boxer, drenching me with the feeling of hotness. It feels so good. The silence of my room and its darkness collide. Just done talking to my friend who is now studying in HK. It's amazing to hear from an old pal who had been one of the few  that I salute and someone I adore.

The only melodic sound I hear this time is the carpenter's repair machine. It's pick and pock sound gives me so much energy. Well, it sounds so weird, but I love it.

I am also done with my series of watching US tv programs. The agility and sex scenes that I love in Spartacus, aside from its given fact of kill to live plot. I still adore it. Though it is gruesome to others but for me, the filthy ambitious, jealousy and a survival theme of it, is one of a kind. It draws you back on the time of which Rome once ruled the world. Spartacus is an iconic series, so when Russel Crowe heard it, damn he's got run for his money then. A bit sad since the lead actor passed away. But his acting will forever be remembered, and who would forget those sex scenes that gave me such of a squirt! The out of this world ideal pounding? The nude scenes, and crap the scenes where everyone are directed to fucked and get fucked. I wonder how did the director do it that way. Such of a one of a kind series to ponder.

Admittedly I still have hang up on my sudden route. But hell, my body and soul are now adjusting faster. I perceived it is getting better and better each day. I am as well crossing my fingers that after the holy week, I can be able to work and earn. It sucks when you don't have money. Lazy people loves to stay at home, but I try to pull  it into something different. Lazy people work a little, then  earn big. Will tell you about it, when I can prove myself worthy of its picking.

My brimming ideas are plummeting, I wanted this I wanted that. But the only execution that I opted to do is wait til the ripe time comes. I mean, we all have dreams that pushes us on achieving them. Mine are just so huge, everyone is. Trying to make a sound, trying to let my fingers click so I can conjure on how to develop and let this ideas come to life.

It's an odd for a dreamer when you personally cannot execute or let your ideas happened. When your free throws are limited. When your side ways are numbered. Ideas will just be ideas when you cannot make it happened. But I hope one day, I shall make a stand and let it happen! Though it is worthy to just preserved, further develop it. It's a fermentation process, letting the wine be on its best when the due time of tasting it comes. So patience again is a virtue.

I hope I will be able to make it!

When it is due

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  1. I'll be praying for you my friend! Hugs!


  2. JJ: thanks buddy. hope so.


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