Starship of Nicki Minaj is the newest addition to my fave song, a last song sydrome is hitting me again, it is like the two buckets of beer I drink last night, that led me on taking off my shirt, dance like maniac and kiss a guy who followed me to the comfort  room. Beer gave me a run for my money. I told myself not to drink too much, but then again, I got carried away. Whilst struggling to keep an eye on my stuff, somebody grab me and just fest the thing I have. Crap, lucky him!

I ain't got the strength to protect myself. All I have was this feeling of tiredness and hallucination. Puking as well was a dilemma. Thanks to my friend who held his hands on protecting me from those fags and crappy guys that got carried away with my hidden dancing ability.

Now I am settling on making myself as a good follower and a person that needs to develop his maturity. It's a hard thing to do, but just at least I adhere and are far more open on possibilities. With the experience I had last night, I learned that I have to give myself a reason on pursuing it not. I saw a man with a greedy fetish. A man who is growing, yet he had been fooled by his own self foolishness. The negative result of trusting myself too much was this. I felt grilled and striving to go back home, reaching the point of ditching myself off.

I doze off, this is the fact that I need to accept. I can't help but to realize  that I am just human, an inhumane behavior wrapped me. When things happened this way, I do hope that the lesson I have learned from last night's experience will pave the way of making myself more keen next time.

It's not a rape scene though, nor am I blabbing because I have this delve reasons to prove myself I did not screwed up. But I did. So in accepting it is all I can do. Be with good people, where they can protect you. Be with somebody who is far more knowledgeable than you are.  With my experience last night I am now here jotting down the tips on handling the situation like mine. Where in we screwed up because of so much trust we have for ourselves.

  • Drink responsibly.
  • Do not flirt.
  • Stay alert.
  • Secure your privacy.
  • Keep an eye on people who are abusive and opportunity seeker to give you a damn shit.
  • When everyone's making a fool to themselves, stay still.
  • Be calm when you are dealing with other people's dilemma.
  • Have your personal and important belongings be in a safe place.
  • Do not puke on public.
  • Do not trust yourself so much. There's always a drawback of it.
  • Limitless possibilities that you might be abused and get fucked up, so know the people you are with.
One thing is- I am learning.

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