To start this post, I am changing the topics from now on into positive and will be removing those negative posts i have on this blog.

When you have been beaten and scared to love, you won't expect something that of worth and happiness would hop on your life. It has been said that: "Love is a battlefield" wherein you get to fight, sacrifice, and win. The conjuring facts about love is just so wide as the universe, there are people who say "love is the sweetest thing." Hence there are those  who were maiming and trying to cope with brokenness. In  the arena of  love, we expected this fact that has been instilled on our minds by those great philosophers  of  whom at once fell in-love, and so there goes the words that are sweet, romantic and adoration came.Admittedly, anybody on this world would then agree, with such an amazing descriptions that noble people had said- even most of those were still being used to date.

There are famous lines and quotes that still on this present days have remained certain on our minds, the brilliance of our minds and its creativity works when we are inspired. When we are loved and taken cared of. But to be loved is not the easiest thing, there are those who have live life forever knowing selfishly unloved. All those years had they spent on looking for someone who will love them and let them know how majestic the world is, that it is the better place to live in.But then again, they were fooled, beaten and grew tired of wishing to have somebody on their side when they needed it. Hypocrisy sake, people would then say : oh come on, I can live without somebody beside me, but I am certain, deep inside and beyond that refuge phrases is a re-assuring hope to be loved someday.

We need human touch, I don't have to reiterate, explaining it to you foolishly. Giving you words that are well versed and practiced. We are born to love and be loved that's a fact!. In my stint on the radio station way back, I had this portion on my program where in my listeners should answer and say their piece about the issues that has been tackled. I couldn't fathomed so much on it though, understanding the dilemma of our minds, the struggles and every walks of life we are on today, I always find it amazing when the topic's all about love. So in any way, I somehow felt  relieved to know that there are still people who dreamt of making their love story a fairytale-y one. Who never dreamt of that huh?

Truly love is a myriad of nitty gritty. There are people who would love because of money, and there are those who would love because of fortress and there are those who are willing to sacrifice, to kill- get killed just to have their lovers on their arms. I mean maybe I got carried away to some novels i've read. But dang, vivid minds are real, the books that are cheesier will never become a book, IF there is no one who experienced such endearing love story. Or might be an inspiration they've got from some old friends, families etc.

I am thankful that even in the days of my struggles, sturdy trials- still I am a strong believer that one day a love would come my way. Knocking my door in a nicest way. Thanks that I have remained optimistic. Thanks that I had experienced brokenness, so I was eager to know the love that I have been dreaming of. Love that is of pure and honesty, respect and satisfaction- the equality and happiness. I am thankful to you for making me more of a person than a lover.

I Love you so much!

I am proudly be stating this : I AM LOVED!  

" Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life,
love gives us a fairy tale "

LOVE Talk....

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  1. great post about love.

    wala akong masabi agree ako to every point of view about love :)

  2. bagotilyoako: hey thank you so much for taking time reading my post.


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