It has been a tough week for me to post something on this blog, aside from the dilemma of conjuring the thoughts, gathering them piece by piece so I can be able to manage myself and write- but in the end the five times of attempting to composed a draft just drove me into laziness, loss of focus and a tiresome ideas just boggled me. The time runs so fast, I couldn't remember when was the day I posted something on here, thanks to blogger for helping us put the date on so we can be able to remember when did the last time we updated our blogs.

The dilemma of being a blogger is that, sometimes we lose the focus, we may have this bubbling ideas- a gaudy one to ponder but in the end, if we don't have the guts to compose it, it is still a blanching thought that fades on this whirlwind battleground.

In my mind I always envisioned something surreal, something that is out of the box. Maybe this is the effect of my addiction on television series and the likes. I guess my being jobless coincide too. Grrr, things are getting complicated nowadays. But thanks God, I do have the guts to create a post today. Though the heat is partly unbearable, still I get a chance to make the best out of it.

And if only blogspot has a design that would let your blog looks trashy or morbid just at least to let your blog a lot like you, I would dare to put the theme on, so blogger friends would be able to know what i feel and how it's gonna be like being on this stage of tantrums I have. I thank Charice for her song that drove me to push myself- somehow the song helped me think better, broad and just atleast it helped me move forward, or unleashed the laziness I have. Thanks thanks.

And sometimes I am thinking of shutting down this blog for no certain reasons, but there's a drawback everytime I attempted to hit the "hide" button for bloggers and readers not to see me anymore. I couldn't helped thinking, why do I have to do such a thing when I know I enjoy blogging. Writing shits and taking part on other people's lives.

Maybe the gauging part will soon happen. I just pray that the uncertainties I have right now will soon end. Journeying north is fun.

Uncertain Battleground

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