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 My friend from Davao shared me the photo of a man who was shirtless inside the church, praying. My friend was keenly observing his demeanor silently.  The man was focused praying, I bet he is thanking God for saving his life, and for Catholics it was a "good Friday, where in they believed Jesus died on the cross. He was crucified because of our sin. Believing on it so, people are reminiscing Jesus sacrifice on the cross for us, to cleanse us from all evil things and sin we had done. the bible says : With His scribes we are healed. And His blood had saved us.

I was stunned when I saw this picture of a man, yes he has no t-shirt on, but I do believed that in my religion or in my point  of view and my own personal belief about faith this is not a blasphemed way nor is he mocking God. Because I strongly believe that God chooses no type of skin colors, no rich or poor not even the dress we wear every time we worship Him. now church, did you mind your lasses going inside your church wearing mini-skirts and tube tops? Damn, they're boobies are more alluring on the eyes on your priests. So you allow them?

Somehow the people behind huge churches are not praying instead they are keenly observing those who are graciously worshiping God, back biting and telling them morbid stuff. How dare to believe on faith then?

To the man who is the master mind of this matter, may your soul be in peace. Hope so. You've only proven to us how and what faith should be.  How do we act as a churchmen, how do we follow the rules and law that is initiated by humans alone. And without following what has been written on the holy scriptures,or  if we are following- we think too much or understand it over done. So confusions had stirred all the minds of people who are believing on you. Telling their kids about holy rosaries, untiringly blabbing hail Mary. But walking the talk is the hardest thing to do. We may say it in prayer, but to believe it is the biggest problem.

Are we following what has been ordained? Or should we follow our hearts now? Who to believe and who to be followed?

This picture would then make people aware what faith is. Should we command guards to oust somebody who is diligently and silently praying for his soul? No matter how conservative "your" church is, they should consider the feelings, the eyes of whom were observing them. Again, it is not blasphemy praying shirtless! It is not rude to go inside the church when we need God's protection and guidance. But it is unlawful to be treated rudely. The real church of God, do not prohibits people with "mental disabilities and vagrants" to enter. Instead the bible has instructed us humans to take good care of them, give shelter and food.

Rudely done. Thanks God, for there are real people who know what real church should be like.

To the man who instructed the guard, and to you Mr. Jack ass guard, may your souls collide and see the truth. Read the bible and you'll know what it feels like seeing and reading this. It is a blasphemy to your church CATHOLIC! What's wrong with you people?

What's wrong with you people in the church?

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