My title is just so over the top. I am trying to compose myself and letting my emotion to stay secure and calm. I feel so ecstatic on how my life runs smoothly, not that there were no trials, there are so many challenges, hence it helped me to conclude that "I'm a fighter."

Truly images in the past just gives us something to ponder, those experiences that we had, the past that helped us and made us who we are today. In a beauty pageantry, the question like this changing the past somehow stirred up the chances of getting the coveted crown. Those who are honest to not to alter anything from the past because it made them who they are today is just a flop. Why? Judges wants them to put some flowering words on it. I consider myself as a contestant on a beauty pageant. If i would be asked same question, I neither would change anything in my past, because it just gave me so much of lessons to learn.

Those experiences that helped me to achieved the dreams that I wanted. Those moments were trials was just so hard to bear. I feel like am just an outcome of life's abnormality. It was so hard to look back, to tiring when the images kept on flashing. The times where you are turn between life and death. The life of Spartacus somehow depicts mine, though his life experience is scripted, still the plot is a bit similar. He's battling for his life, love ones and his dreams.

From rags to working on of becoming a rich person. Hahahaha. Not just in money, but in all aspects of life. Gauging back on every years that had passed, and how I slowly gained experiences and maturity in a process is just recommendable.  I  am a full grown man, some says a full grown boy. But I am a man now. Sieging life's wonderful opportunities.

Because one day soon, I'm gonna make sense.  Thanks God for my life. I am just so- loving it!

Crossing Fingers..

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  1. It will all hopefully make sense one day. Though it is true to not change a moment of your past, all of it made you who you are.

  2. Mark: oh yeah Mark, happy that you are back.. Thanks buddy..


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