My title  do not just  depict positivism but  it will also give you a hint that I am gearing up  to change my views about life  and feeding my mind with the richness of learning. In some instances  in my life, I have given so much of a chance to make and do something for myself. To do it, I have to sacrifice some things, some people ( love ones) and even the friends you've longed to  not to forget. In my recently concluded training, I was hooked to the Kangaroo's way of life, this animal do not just obtain cuteness and adorableness but it as well posses such character of whom I find it amazing to look at. Aside from Australia's national animal emblem with the other one called emu. Kangaroo's amazing walk of life and existence put me in awe. Unlike other animals, kangaroo cannot move backward. 

According to my trainer, Australia chose this as an emblem simply because it depicts "moving forward." Moving forward beyond hesitations, beyond negativity and beyond the trials they faced. I might as well count myself in.

I find it so awesome to fathomed the existence of one creature that gives us the ability and a great lessons to depict our lives on it. It's given to those who understand  life- it is unfair. Better luck to those who think life's fair,but bragging about it's stagnant growth and undying emptiness. It is not fair. Yet some fascinating facts might change it this way. "Life's unfair, but it will only be fair- if you think it is." You got to include some persistence and perseverance to make the tune more appealing.

Now, I am gearing up to make something good and worthy for myself. I am gearing up to help myself and those kids back in Davao City for their school supplies. I am gearing up to see their beautiful smiles. I am gearing up to work, go to the gym everyday. I am gearing up to make up to my friends, to treasure my best friend. I am gearing up to love and be loved by somebody.  Somebody I could say mine. I am gearing up to save so I can buy a dlsr camera for myself. I am gearing up to become a better person. I am gearing up to become a good friend, good listener, a good employee, a good and faithful countryman. I am gearing up to pray more, love more, laugh more and regret no more!

Because life is too short- in order to lengthen our stay on earth, let's think positive and be free. Life is awesome. Just think it is fair on your end. Do not expect too much. But be excited to move forward like a kangaroo and emu. Be  excited to meet people. Be excited to learn new things.

Be grateful- cause life is more fun when we understand its meaning..

Gearing UP again!

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  1. I love it! I recently heard a speech from Neil Gaiman of which inspired me so much, as well. And now I'm reading your blog post and I'm more invigorated to treat life with positivism.

  2. Glorypearl Dy: Wow, thanks Day.. Kumusta naman ka!


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