"Hint hint hint" If we hear these- It only means that we have to take note everything that our trainer had said. Literally everything! On my previous post I had mention that I have gotten the job I  wanted. So this week, it was hard to imagine all the things that we had been through to pass the test. Defend your report- study your notes and answer the whole lotsa questions flooding. It was a nerve-wracking yet fun enculturation.

As what I have said, it was a nerve-wracking yet  fun training. And thanks God we all passed. As per elder quotable quotes " We've crossed the tiniest hole on earth." And succeeded!

I was so vacant the whole two months. Everything's tight. So I am so happy that I got to be hired by this company, aside from its day job account, the compensation is at par. Though, some aren't satisfied by it but for me I am good to go. "Ika nga, learn to be satisfied- so the blessings will overflow." I am happy that I have a new job now, and eying for a promotion maybe after half a year of working there.

For next week, it is our product training, induction and a lot more. I feel ecstatic at thesame time scared.Our trainer gave us the quick head's up about it, and it's going to be hard/ fun. For now, I am enjoying and thinking that I can pass the whole three massive hard, lack of sleep three weeks of training then- have my first salary. Yay! I have been jotting down all the things I wanted to buy when that payout arrives. I am just so enigmatic and feeling so cool. Thanks God for this job!

  1. You're fairly ambitious to dream of promotion already, but with any luck you'll earn one soon enough.

    1. People should be ambitious, as long as you are on your right mind saying it, and if your goals are real. I will be soon!


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