Many times I considered myself a troublesome, a messy life of an orphan boy. Heck, it has been a while since I write something on this blog, aside from that, I guess I am losing some of my dear followers and readers. Damn! I guess the adrenaline rush to write something was fading ( my own word, I need something to lubricate my mind) but my teacher would never allowed me to used the word lubricate, I am not a car, so it is a huge dumb word to used. But hell no, Ms. Ilagan, I am no longer your student, I have aced your disastrous yet enjoyable class. It was fun being with teachers who are so dear to you, yet they did not consider you as close to their heart, well for some reasons they don't like nitty gritty at some point. Favoritism is not allowed on her. She treated us fairly.

Why talking about her? She is not the topic here. OK, fast forward- have you ever been to a serious relationship that even your single breath should come from it? He is your life and your soul? All your life together it was more of fun and adventure, it seems that you can't live and last the day without him. Most of us is dreaming to have that type of relationship. Relationship that is pure and honest.

But what if that love you have will be tested by time? Will be wrecked by people around you? Will you still fight for your love?

Watch this.

It could happen to you..

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