How amazing and funny it is to look back on my my early days writing on my blog. I believe it was a disaster, with all those jumping topics and the grammar that is out of this world it's making me crazy laughing out loud. Hence I stick to it, i mean not to that wrong grammar and jumping topics, I focus even more on writing in English. It wasn't easy at all, there were bloggers who would sent me private messages about it. But dang, I am here not for them, I am here because I wanted to share and I wanted to be heard. As per few people I know said : It's not what they say, it's what you say to yourself. 

So I am glad that I was able to put it in, sink it  in inside my mind. And fyi some of those grew tired doing it, it just says that blogging is not for everyone who has a perfect grammar to match. It is for those who love and who has the passion to it.

All these years, my blogs have help me become a better person, to share what I have learned same as being inspired by others who have shared their  stories on this cyber world. This is a small place, a haven that is unreal. But people are able to reach through. What's the most amazing part of blogging is you  get to meet some people who have same qualities and interests as you. And that start of the friendship.

Angie gave me so much info about blogging, I felt so ecstatic that time. I even envisioned myself doing it whilst she's still telling me the fun about blogging. With all those gaudy words she shared, I was able to pull of a great page for myself, then the rest was a history.

Recently google sent me a letter telling me I have to activate and do some tweaking on my account in adsense in order for them to pay me. Wow, feeling so excited. I mean I didn't think that they would sent me a letter stating those words. How awesome it is to think of!

For now, let me break a leg. Continue to blog, inspire others and get inspiration..

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  2. It doesn't matter naman what others have to say sa blog mo especially with the use of words and grammar as long as you let out what you feel.

    Anyways, I replied in your comment on my last post. Please tell something about it, advice or anything. It would be really helpful. TC.

  3. ken: thanks for that. Yes, reply sent.

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