There is nothing wrong of being scared, as long as it does not change who you are. It's okay to feel off sometimes, to re-consider yourself as an individual who wants to be alone. These phrases has been flooding up my mind, I am trying to think positive and maintain my composure- be calm. But it seems the issues I have been dealing this past weeks is hitting me off the hook. It has been a tough week for me, I know the week's not over yet, hey I want to end it up asap. I wish I could have the power to alter it, so week end will soon come.

Trying to maintain the calmness of my mind, yet the teasing natures' making it blanch like a whirlwind, leaving me uncomfortable with every people, everything and a lot more to say. 

I was scrolling the button of my phone, checking some motivational words and texts- hoping that it might help me unleash the fear and just at least I have something to squeeze on. The queue that I was getting was really hard to bear. The annoyance of my deafening inferiority just sucks. I still don't know the why's and the what's of it. Human have the tendency to feel off, I am human. Drafting this was the hardest, as my mind is fighting between sternness and alleviation. It's a rack sack of everything. Everything that exist on both mind and in paranoia. 

Shifting my caprice was a huge brush to do. I have to insufflate some air to sustain the stance I have. A bit odd to write an acrimonious post, really yes. I have promised to myself that I will write positive things on this blog, then why am I writing this? 

Slowly my confidence is fading. I am not sure if it is. But crossing my fingers it did not. Yes, reconsideration's needed this time. 

So help me God.

Breaking Up..

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