When everything changes, there's a reason for it. when everything fades- because that's how it is. If life has gone trouble, consider it as a part of our walks of life. Everything happens for a reason, better yet be thankful, be patient. And be the best in everyday life.

In my new job, some of my co-workers are quite jargon on my style of living life. Some can relate, some cannot. But that's there opinion, and it can't make me less of a person that I am today. I'm a man of perseverance and dream! As much as possible, I always think of something that is beyond my comfort zone, something that I consider huge thing on my eyes. We humans tend to be to be contented of what we have, especially we Pinoys. No offense to those who have achieved their dreams with grace, elegance even they have passed through the pit of struggles, pains, sacrifices and a lot more to mention, and yet they made it. Wow, what a spirit.

Yesterday, the first week of our induction training ended. Quite satisfied since I was able to deliver. But unsure for the next week. But then again, I am pretty sure that I will strive to make it. Did you noticed the sure sure sure. I told you, positivity will be the main core of this blog. lol
A bloody bookings, papers to read on, study and a quiz. Wow, everything is just so hard, yet fun.

This week it was a different one from the past, which is way laid back and  contained. Here you will be able to learn more about the financial side of the company, tidbits of travel destinations- locations, best spots. It's more on money side baby. Which is fun!

Before we ended up our first week of induction, we were task to talk to our Brisbane counterpart, which are Aussies. Everyone is scared and nervous. I told myself that on this part I have the edge! I was tasked to talked to Monique, very pleasant voice, new to the business- so do i. I  felt so ecstatic when our conversation goes up and down, it's like we were digging each others life. She asked me about my  job, the training. We are told to be the sailor of the boat. So I claimed my post and driver her to the very peak of our conversation. She's nice very alluring I guess.

When I was talking to her, I envisioned how she looks like. Well, she's beautiful i confess. hahaha. I told her about my life as a radio disc jockey and how did it helped me buckled up my studies and helped me achieved my goal to finish it. Okay what's next? Dude girls love shoes, then ask them! So i hit the right key on this time, ask her if she love shoes and shopping- damn who doesn't? She's loving it. I told her that our malls here closes at 10 if it's on a regular days, 12 if there's some events. I could feel her  extreme breathing with ecstasy! Whoa, i presumed it's because of shoe-rat inside her.

All in all, it's a fun week of induction. Looking forward for the next week to come.

  1. Good on... You're in it to get it... And for sure u will...

    Good luck toyour new job!..


  2. JJRod'z: hey buddy, thanks for that heartwarming comment!


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