"I need to hit the bandwagon." I have to learn how to say no confidently. I was terrified to know about my quality assurance rating, I felt like I was dropped forcefully and has remained unconscious til this score came out. I'm a bit upset about it, I mean it was my fault that I wasn't able to attain the highest score this time. But I also have some reservations why this adjunct happened.

My mind was terribly ill this week, of all things that had happened I thought the air that I breath was giving me the agony of surviving. It wasn't the best idea for me to forget everything, and try to divert my mood on things that makes me happy. Be big on, hang ups really cloaked my whole week. It was a lazy and careless Monday for me. I was so negligent about my things, if I'm in a hurry I tend to focus on my destination- yet I tend to forget some valuables I have with me. So lesson learned, I lost my wallet.

Good thing I was able to pull off myself from the pit of hallucination. Even on my birthday, I didn't care about it. Still flattered of so many greetings I received from my face book peers, and those who remember it.

This week's bombarded with so many lessons to learned. So many things to improved. I have jotted down all things and what to do when this shitty week hit on me again. But I don't need to share it with you guys, it's a bit personal. I will just do it myself- I mean self reflection. During the days of outbreak and trials we need to think  that there are reasons why some things happened unsuitably. When this happens, we just need to remember some tips I have learned.

  • Collate all possible reasons why this happened.
  • Reflect and console yourself.
  • Recognize the problem and jot down the solutions for it.
  • Maintain self- composure. Focus. 
For all the shits happened this week, I have learned so much from it. So when this happened again, I could be able to handle it nicely. I can't get back all the things I have lost, the only thing is- for next time I must be keen on my belongings. 

God Bless to the taxi driver who did not return my wallet and everything. May your conscience is as clean as mine. LOL. 

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