As I was looking on to the old lady being bullied in the USA and that has gone viral in just a few days past. I couldn't stop myself from relating her experience to mine. I was recalling those days where in I have to isolate myself, thinking of the best thing to do for it. Letting myself feel good and teaching to look forward for tomorrow. To strive hard and be successful on whatever path I may choose.

Every time I recalled it, it just feels good that of all those morbid times, I was able to pull off myself from the burning hatred and self infliction that was raging inside me. Or maybe I was just born to be a fighter, and inspire others to move on with their lives. To make the best out of our myriad messy life.

Once it pops, you can never  stop. I was wondering when would this be applicable? Maybe when we cannot make decisions for ourselves. When we cannot get over on things that we faced, or when we cannot make a stand for ourselves. Bullying is such a crucial part of life, lucky to those who weren't able to suffer this, but to us who had been tested and wrecked by it, it wasn't the best life after all. We tend to be more defensive or scared when accidentally committed mistakes. We opt to shun ourselves from the crowd and trying to be discreet. Letting all our talents sucked up by our day dreaming dilemma, those "one days" and "hope so's" are the only few reasons why our lives remains stable.

Dreams are made to be achieved. I hold on to this, my dream is to be come a radio disc jockey, to talk, to inspire others. To give hope to those who are dying inside. But I know it isn't the easiest way after all. It wasn't as easy as making this post, reiterating to you the hard labor, struggles and our sort of a success on getting it over. I can use hyperbole words to  describe how hard it was, but until you did not encounter such, it wouldn't be understood fully. It wasn't easy after all. But in conquering my fears and struggling to put an end to it just gave me hope, the first step has said to be the hardest, admittedly yes- but there were some of the most hilarious adjustments prior to getting it over. The full history  can only be talked.

Why is that bully exists? As for me, maybe it is a wake up call for us to help ourselves, to take a stand and be responsible. To give love for ourselves as well as protect ourselves from anything that would bury us into pit. It is not easy fighting for our right, in reverse it is. The wrong might be justified and the right can be possibly drained and be flushed.

But until you've reach the deciding moment, it will be put to an end. Stand and love yourself.


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