I supposed not to post anything about him, about his gregariousness and his kindness towards me. But it seems my heart's telling me to do it. For the sake of being grateful, and telling him how much I appreciate his help specially on my financial status these days. Yes, I have a job but I am not earning yet, and if I maybe earning, it would not sustain the whole process and the whole month. On June 28th, I will be receiving my first salary. Optimistically, I am thankful I have it.

Back to Stewy, he has been helping me alot. Giving me money for my requirements and for my allowance even for my rent. It's embarrassing on my part to ask for help, I mean I don't wanna be called a money-boy, which I am not. For now, God's using him for me. Trying to reconsider that. I mean I am embarrass cause everytime we met and talked, some kind of financial is involved.

I cannot reassure myself that it is fine, he is helping me- so to say I am helping myself. Yes, I know for a fact that I am trying to shape up my life, my new life from the outrage of my cruel and grueling past. From the dungeon of death, clamoring depression and getting my ass out of something that I don't deserved. The other way around I am thinking, what's on his mind? I mean money is money. 

Modesty aside, money destroy many great friendships. But I don't want this to happened to us. Just last Sunday, he lent me 2 thousand to buy my headset, telling me he can't lend me that much because his salary still on Friday. My heart melted. I mean how awful on his part to lend me some, even though he's on his tight budget. I felt like I am nagging him to help me financially, guilty for my carelessness and being  so stupid not to take good care of my things. And the worst is, just this morning, I accidentally left my wallet inside the cab. Now, no more money. I am hating myself for these series of hilarious events.

I was guilty and told him I am careless.

This post must let him perceived I am not doing something to take good care of my things. Just like my uncle's way of perceiving mistakes.  It's awkward again!

I hate this part. I mean sadly, I don't have my parents to back my ass up, no more best friend that could help me- we are way distance apart. I don't know, if Stewy could still trust me. With the carelessness I have, I bet he won't. I deserved it though. Strongly yes!

But Stew, I know and I acknowledge your help. Your a great man. I am so thankful that I have found you, a friend who sees no limit, who believe and knows how to listen. Your gregarious personality and pure heart just ignite the fire inside me to help other people as well. I thank you so much for being so helpful in time of my need. In time of my trouble you are there to back me up. To assist me. I am happy and thankful to God for letting you help me. I pray that wondrous blessings  more and more will come to you.

I cannot say anything other than thanking you for such a great help. One day, I will be helping you. I am so much grateful for your help.

God Bless You my Friend!



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  1. It's a good thing you have someone to lean on in times of difficulties. And it's even rare to have someone when in need especially during times of financial crisis. Yung iba kasi nawawala kapag gipit ka na, you know what I mean. :)

  2. ken: Luckily yes. And grateful for that person..


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