Learning is a process. Everything is a process. You can't brag about learning something when you know that life needs to adapt the nature you are embarking to. So in every way, I must remind myself to be positive- not everyday could be great day to celebrate, sometimes there are some instances that you have to commit mistakes to learn how to do it properly, life's a bit rhetorical to understand. It's a rigorous battle everyday.

This past week, I found myself intertwined with a lot of things, work,myself, opportunities- as well as the raging dreams I have inside. It feels like they're making me insane. I was trying to isolate myself, so to understand why am I suffering this, ugh better yet I won't say I am suffering, I would rather say I am divulsing myself to become a better person.

Fast forward to this.

Dear Monique,

I already got my call- simulation result, so far it is so good. Thank you so much for being such a good judge. I was on a cloud nine when the result was given to us. Our trainer told me that I excel, wow! Thank you for your positive words about me, how I interact and responded to your question. At first I was tense, but when I heard your voice, I was then at ease. Well, it's alluring. It's fantastic. Positive words I have had received from you made my day. 

I thank you for that. You review about me just made me cool today. How I wish you can be able to read this post. Thanking you is all I can do. 

Bu yes, I felt so ecstatic! Thanks alot!


Xoxo Monique!

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  1. You do have to make mistakes to learn properly, which is where there's no real need to shut yourself if you want to learn. But it sounds like you're doing good :)

  2. Mark: oh oh, yes I am!


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