Sex is a therapy, where every part of your body get to work and collide as one. One aim is to make and give you satisfaction. I finally understood why artist in the history rejects the idea of going out, exploring the possibilities to find inspiration. Instead they chose to stay indoor, letting their mind bombarded with all plans and letting it to get stressed. 

I felt same way as they were in the past. My only excuse or the only button/key that puts me into the mood is sex. I don't even care being called slut or an amateur porn star, because one thing for sure I am happy and satisfied when I am having sex. I have to admit that in my age, sex is a lifestyle. It's an important thing to sharpen the rusty memory, to make the body conditioned, with all the stress that we're getting from everything we do, I guess there's nothing wrong if we could sometimes indulge ourselves on sex. Sex is for mature people, so I do consider myself a mature one. As long as no bullet got crap in either way. So shall it be.

I had recently posted an entry here, but my  brain cells are  farting such topic that I couldn't just pass on. Sex is a masterpiece, it's a God given gift for human beings to enjoy, to savor its goodness. So press it in, you can't find any better than sex. I do understand, why nuns and priests use to isolate themselves inside  their cabinets, so not to be provoke by it. So they hold on closer to God, letting themselves be purified, but I guess there are some who chooses to be puri(fired), just so you know they're human being who commit mistake. It's just that they're more keen and observant so others won't follow their ways of doing it. Behave!

Why am I raising this?

If only I could launch my personal book about sexperience, honestly my readers would thank me for doing such. It is a myriad of sex and experience all in one.

I have had my best sex experience that I wanted to share. It's rambunctious giggly, rough and tough sex. A whole new thing, experimenting and making the impossibility real. It was fulfilling at thesame time. The scent of a person really turns me on. Oh, to clarify, man has scent that makes us hot. So forget those nasty and screwing odors that those unhygienic people has. I am talking about those scents that gives you a major turn on. A major turn on for me is armpit, I freakishly got a hard on when I see those little pubies peeking, it's a sexy thing for me. It's a yum yum delicacy. I missed that scent. Been noticing myself sniffing that great scent these days, I probably addicted to it.

Sex is a thing to brag about. It's one of the most amazing thing that God of heavens had granted us. |So maximize and enjoy every time you do it.

Live life, protection is a must.

  1. Enjoy lang natin ang gift na ibinigay sa atin :)

  2. shenanigans: Anu pa nga ba!


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