My mind is in deep tremor locating myself in the midst of wilderness, I could say wilderness of knowing what life has to offer, what are those things that I may find interesting. Totally it's a whole new world for me. A better catalyst to learn is by experiencing the things you are scared to happened to you. Things that in the eyes of many it is a certain and a given mistake. The insanity of human being is just insurmountable, we perceived things rightly- yet there are some instances that our mind considers' making mistake for the sake of happiness. It might so little to look at by others but for us who find great happiness in it, is like a heaven and the world combined.

My words is a bit lyrical tonight drafting down all things I have in mind. I couldn't just stop my hands from jotting down every words my brain farts. The more I kept it inside, the more the howling sound resonates.

I was once promised that I will live my life in the cleanest and purest way- getting rid of all the dirty things the world has, shunning myself from all the chances of being addicted to something that the world savors. But that was when I'm a kid at heart. Maybe the more i looked at myself today, the more the confusion comes, it seems my direction is not yet uncertain. It's a whole new world I believed.

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