Leaving it as it is, as if I am not hurt.
As I am being put up as an option.
Tagged as an option- pretending I am fine.
Tagged as rejected. Tagged as solely one.

No spark, no shine of what personality is.
My pain is plummeting, outrage is hurling.
I am in pain, as I am just the option.
Shedding my tears and laughing just as it is.

Posting a smile, conjuring difficult thoughts.
Staying compose on the hardest battle of choice.
A nod of pain, but to fake the smile is my aim.
Staying wide awake, even though heart's drowning.

Closing my eyes to forget the fear,
To stop the breathing, to forget the swing.
Tired and beaten soul, mumbles on foul.
Stay awake, remained as a believer.

My dreams are in dire.
Goals and plans are fragile.
Grueling desire is just so vile.
My pain now is a never ending woe.

When you left as an option,
Dragged down and insulted,
The eyes gone weary,
To close the eyes and to wake no more is a great CHOICE  from  the OPTION.

Note: Marking this day 07/07/12 as one of the most painful day I have encountered. Pretending as I am fine. I  am feeling the pain, I am bearing it with in- I am an option for no certain reason. 

But I have to laugh, I have to pretend "it is DAMN FINE.." 


  1. the green breaker: Just got hurt- extremely foul!


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