This post is not all about American series the mad man literally, the title just simplifies the personality I have, or maybe more of an attitude that I have developed as human grows up.

I've noticed myself being more keen, charismatic and somehow a bad-ass that let eyes turn and say nothing, but in mind they're conceiving such impression "uh oh, who is this lad?" Well, just a wishful thinking though. Noticing myself as being eager to make success feasible, and letting my dreams come true. Though sometimes, it driven me crazy or leading me into irritation- still the all grown up lad that I am right now, all I can say, I can't be any less proud of my growth.

Blogging has influenced me so much, from my lifestyle and the way I put up a conversation or bidding goodbye to a friend. It makes all the difference. I mean, maybe with the huge amount of power we've got from browsing the webs, we sometimes or most of the time get the information on dealing problems, taking life seriously yet adventure should be on top of it. Enjoyment is a must.

Being responsible and as well as taking responsibility on what I said and what I do. It feels good when I was able to solved a problem, put a smile on those dying soul, grab a cup of coffee from Starbucks, have this little talk to myself (am not crazy), studying how some fashion icons and bloggers strut their craft. How some of the most successful people in the world manage to achieved their dreams beyond the hardships that squeezed their way up.

I guess it's having a good means in life. Being able to understand the unfairness of the world, being able to pull up myself from the pit of hatred, confusions and from the battleground of non-senses talkies. It feels good to have this perception, truly a mad man for good.

I am not certain that things will stay the same. But just at least I have that reservation for myself that I will be a better man. A better and honest friend. Things may not stay the same, my mood and ofcourse the twirling time of life. One thing is certain, there is no way than UP.

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