Today I am setting up an expectation, today I am setting up an expectation, today I am setting up an expectation!

My mind has been mumbling this phrase, completely caught off-guard by all the things that happened this past few weeks, everything is just so massive, decisions and chances were flooding up. I've noticed the time,it runs so fast, it seems it has no regard on whether you are waiting or trying to stop it from moving. I am uncertain on what's next, as I am taking a jobless journey once again. Not that I did not excel on the field I was on, it is just that I cannot force myself to fit in.

As a young believer of the so-called "follow your passion" I'd consulted my dear friend to give me some piece of advice. I asked her about being happy and being practical. My clouding mind was then surmised the fact that I have to follow my heart, I wanted to be on this one. This is my passion, all those were flooding up.

There was no hang ups nor grudge on why myself did not excel in such an easy job. My mind was so focused on making my way to the top. I will make it. I will get my dreams! This mumbling thoughts I have inside is pushing me so hard to realized it.

For now, I am counting some things on what to do to get it!

Pushing Forward

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