How I wish that I can draw back all those times where in happiness and laughter are savored by the great friendship we have. Truly memories are made to be remembered. Regardless of the times that pass by, still if we tend to look back and just at least take time to observed keenly, we will understand the growth of life and maturity we have acquired.

In life's battle, we dreamt of acing every single obstacle, so to speak that we all loved being recognized. i mean not for the sake of popularity and some stuff of selfishness- instead we just wanted to be recognized for the sake of we care and love our friends.  I have been blogging my ass off for nearly 4 years now, on those solid days of untiringly checking,updating,reading or even learning how to tweak my blogs give me so much of an attitude to pursue. My blogs are my refuge, so as other bloggers to. I recently posted a shout on my facebook page, stating " blog is a life long diary-to one day look back on." Letting some of my blogger buddies likes it.

When we blog, we blog about life, pain, adoration, dreams and all those unprecedented testimonies we have. We never grew tired of mopping out our brains to write, letting great topics, experiences to be jotted perfectly stored on this bulky memory of the so called internet. What the heck! Why am I blogging? For what reason? Would there be anyone else going to read, just at least takes time to read the header of my blog? FYI, some readers will just read the header, if they find your header cool, they then would take time to scroll down a bit and bum, one unique click. Haha, pretty cool isn't it? But we are not too shallow enough to focus on how many unique clicks we've got everyday. We bloggers,  inspires others. We give life!

I met her last May 26, 2009- she's bubbly and sounds interesting. But there's a bit mushy about her, maybe reserved at some point. So, knowing someone you gotta dig deeper and late the judging time. She talked about her life, her artsy side. Me being new to those, but yeah- been sketching, just that I wasn't so open about lengthening my knowledge about art. She told me, she got some paintings that has been stored several years. Well, preserved?

With all those interesting topics, she told me to try blogging, I was reluctant. She taught me everything about blogging, every side of it. To earn, make friends, meet other bloggers and as well as express my inner feelings. Understandably, I am as volatile as water. A troubled kid inside. Trying hard to make a stand on all those grueling memories, verbalizing, stating it word for word so people could understand how/what I feel inside. From that day on, I checked my blog, read other bloggers posts, leave comments and that's how I learned the nitty gritty of the blogosphere.

We're all grown up. This is the correct and the certain way of saying it. Haha. Maybe i could relate, since I posted this shout on my facebook and Mike told me it's wrong.

I have crossed the border of being an amateur blogger to somebody who is more equipped about the blogging world. Maybe, my grammar's a bit rough, but I am learning.

We all deserved to be happy, to be loved, and to achieve our dreams. Thanks Angie for being a good friend of mine. Hope to see you soon, thanks a lot for introducing me what blog is.

  1. Thank you Tim sharp memory. Naremember pa nimo ang date. I'm not sure if asa na nko nabutang imong mga sketch. Maybe naa ra sa mga karton.
    Thank you sa post.:) Touching.:)

  2. Angie: always my pleasure na mag post for you my friend.


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