I have to admit that, at this stage of my life I haven't had gone so far on exploring every possibilities just like those inspiring and tempting words we've always heard on movies and the likes. One step at a time as per Jordin, learning and at the same time exploring is somewhat relatively uncontrollable. Hence these two collides.

Of all things that most people tend to forget doing is giving themselves a time to explore,to enjoy, time to set foot on something that is interesting. I was once a rich kid,  on those time money wasn't really a big issue to tackle. My mom works so as my dad. Growing up with them, was such an amazing memories to ponder everytime I remember it. Daydreaming is a word for it. But everything's come and go- we have to move on and make the best out of everything that the world has to offer for us.

In relation to exploration topic we have, I as well remember some posts that I have in the archive, reminding myself to enjoy, to love and so on and so forth. It was such a joy, when most of my blogger friends sent their comments telling me how thankful they were, reading it. I condone myself, I have to write something surreal.

So here are my lists of the things that I wanted to do:


  • Paint
  • Read more books
  • Learn how to use Adobe Photoshop
  • Have my fashion blog updated
  • Work hard towards my goals 
  • Be grateful on what life has offered.
  • Make more friends
  • Smile, Laugh
  • Eat good food
  • Go to Gym
  • Teach kids
  • Pursue the radio dj job
  • Have the positive attitude
  • Face the reality
  • Be business minded
  • Beat the odd
  • Make love, have SEX
  • Love like I have never been Hurt before.
  • Pray and Have faith in God.
I hope most of these exploration project will soon happen! so help me God!

Exploration Project

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