I will never grow tired and weary reminding myself to make the best out of everything that I have. To make use of my skill and knowledge, so to be able to attain my dreams in life. What life has to offer is a sure thing to be excited about.

People commend me for staying strong, for being so positive beyond those horrendous moments in the past. It does still maim, I would never be hypocrite denying it. At some point, dealing with a bastard relative, I have hasten my patience to just at least remain compose. It wasn't easy, as per my friend, my relative deserves a great slap. But with a due respect, I cannot take myself raising a hand on him. That would cursed me I guess.

In the past few months or searching for a job, I was feeling so weary and tired. My uncle's not appreciative on my ideas. What's necessary to him is money, and that is.

I couldn't agree more on it, but for decency sake, people must learned how to value feelings not earnings. It is so sad to say that my uncle values money than feelings. He tend to be more selfish and self-assured that money gives us life. Which is way different from what I believed. My uncle is a nasty talker. But that is his life.

He lives according to what he sees, and how he perceives the world.

Keep Holding On Timmyboi.

Holding Tight..

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