It must have been said that " Life is in jeopardy", yet with all those things that happened in our lives we always look forward for what is next to come. It is pretty exciting to look forward on something that is yet to come, making us more eager to be the best each day. Relating on our past experiences, wherein brokenness and solitude surrounded us or even gave us some pain in the ass. I couldn't agree more on it. We all face challenges, but great thing about it, we all as well aced.

I am optimistic about life, I am this type of a person who think that living life is a choice. With all the things that happened in our lives, sometimes we forget to instill in our minds that life is unfair, and it led us on bragging about it. The why's and the what's. But that's how it goes!

Great things are yet to come! I felt eager to move and make the best out of everything I have.

By the way, I am having a vacation in bora. So I will be enjoying the rest of the days I have in here. I will be home next week..

All the best for us!

Loving Life, like I have never hurt..

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