I would sound so rude and ungrateful at some point if I wouldn't adhere or acknowledge the help that this person have given to me, from shelter, to food, to money and even the comfort when I am down and tired. Nowadays my minds' clogging with all the things running in and out. The suffocation's too much. But he never grew tired of telling me to value my things, budget my money, saved for the least days and of course try to be selfish sometimes. Oh, I know the last phrase do never sound great to you,  but he has major reasons why this has to be included on this post. I have learned and saw that on him myself, with the naked sexy eyes I have.

For the past ungrateful days of mine, I suck up inside the room, I wanted to be alone, talk less and let my mind do the thinking of himself. There are times that I am so terrified that might be one day I will just woke up sleeping on the street, which would be dire if that thing happens. Crossing my fingers not to! And sometimes I fell off the chair, staring unconsciously. The out of work issue melted me down, and the so-called Mr. Depression would come his way to rescue me, obnoxiously to the pit of horrendous life-cracking place.

I am figuring things out, thinking when would that job come its way to me. I've exerted great effort spending time on jobstreet to send my resumes, everyday my routine is to sit down on this tiny orange pumpkin  stall we have, excitedly checking mails. Hoping that some companies would respond to my application. Some did, but heck-  it's call center agent job. I personally don't hate working with this industry, it's just that I hate working on a graveyard shift. My body would then suffer traumatically.

Mike would then insisted that I don't have any other choice than getting a graveyard shift so I would have food to eat, money to spent. Life's getting more and more rhetorical each day. I felt that as I have grown maturely or on the other hand, things are getting complicated. Some says, we don't need to complicate things when it is already given simply. I believe so- but that does not take the part of adjustment. To others it might be simple, but to me- it's getting wearier on my eyes. Hilariously said, life is full of shit, and that's a fact.

By the way, Mike's the person who helped me and rescued me on the most down part of my life. I thank him for that. For me, he is odd, he has living his life differently. He's selfish, a person who doesn't care about other people's life, but has the nerve to say things nastily when provoked, even if he's not- he still has that objection to proposed. I sometimes stop him, but as I've known him for half a year now, I slowly got his point. He is who he is.

Mike's brave, intelligent with two courses to beat. One dentistry and  Marketing and Finance. Brilliance is his first and Excellent is his last name. Good looking and witty. Sometimes I caught him reading yahoo quitely. Or sometimes I jive with him, but he would warned me not to read so loud- it pisses him off. There are other stuff that made him weirder, well as per old ones said- what you are is what made you unique, and that's a fact.

Thanks for reading!

Magic Mike, not the movie though..

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