The jigsaw puzzle has already been solved. Notably it took me months to discover the right way of making it perfect or just at least got it right. I am young and naive, I committed mistakes, made someone cry, disarmed those who withstand me and or even lost my decency as a person. And those are mistakes- to brag about, and  purportedly justifying my faults.

One, two, three, these are the numbers that I have found myself entangled. Scared to move forward to push through, and at least try my luck on battling for something greater than what I have thought it didn't matter. This blog has been a witness of series self-negligence, impatience battle and as well as finding and or reinventing myself as a  person. There are stumbling blocks piled up along the way yet I am thinking so positively these blocks will hasten my capabilities and at thesame time will help me boost my confidence on trusting my guts.

One, two, three, I am dancing up and down, tracing down memory lane, looking back and trying to gathered all pieces that are worthy to remember, or just at least these pieces will then help me regenerate force to pursue my goals in life. Glancing back, oh stiff neck please allow me. Superficially I have been taking my chances on things that are so volatile, my decisions that are fragile.

What lies ahead? A question that struck me inside. I have been so- indecisive and impatient these days.

I am pressured, nervous and cinching my teeth. Could this be a gnashing of bones? Could this be a battle of strength and armor? Army to army? Hence I cannot conclude. But I am scared.

What lies ahead?

  1. Napanood mo na ba yung 3 idiots? paboritong kong mantra nila doon yung "aal iz well". sabi kasi ang puso daw natin madaling matakot.. madaling ma anxious at dahil diyan naduduwag tayong gawin ang mga bagay na walang kasiguraduhan kaya ang ginawa nila *yung mga characters sa movie* eh nilalagay nila yung kamay nila sa tapat ng dibdib nila sa may bandang puso tas sasabihin nila "all is well, all is well" by doing so, tini-trick nila yung heart nila na everything will be just fine then magkakaroon sila ng courage na harapin ang problema o ang future :)

    Aren't we all afraid of what's gonna happen next and its uncertainties?

    The best way to do things is to constantly move forward and to never doubt anything and keep moving forward, if you made a mistake say you made a mistake not a big deal.

    Welcome back Timmy :)

    1. Russell: Thanks so much for taking time reading my blog rants. hope to see you soon.

    2. no need to say thank you timmy. its always been my pleasure :)


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