Somebody had suggested me to go to gym last year, at first I am hesitant knowing that I might just passed out, with those heavy plates and assuming there would be some boastful naggers who would strut their muscles flaunting it like there's no tomorrow.

Reluctant yet I got my ass off to go to gym, at first glance I screwed my balance out. Whoa, those are huge plates and on the other side of the gym were Ateneo students who were rampaging each other. Noisy and cluttered is just all over the place. The plates and  bars are untidily disposition. I couldn't deny that these guys got some yayas and nannies who do their laundries and fixed their beds, even wash their undies. But I am not here for them. I am here because I need to be fit. I am so desperate to just at least increase some weight. I have done those milk before bed, early to bed- and those jogging mantra but it didn't worked out. As an ectomorph type of physique it would be so hard for me to really gain some weight asap. My metabolism is fast.

I started my first week with a blast. First day of work out was successful, but the battle wasn't actually on that first day, it is on the second and on those morbid body pain days that past. Instead of quitting, I set my mind on the goal of gaining weight after three months. And  if I couldn't find any changes at all, then gym's not my thing. In my surprise, after three solid months, I gained weight! From 48 kilos to 54. It was so amazing to look back and see the growth I have gained from going to the gym. From then on, I eagerly visits the gym, I go alone-I would never mind if I am the only one lifting. In my mind what's important is I have to grow more weight. I was able to attain my goal and at the same time, my discipline on lack of sleep, those stressful nights, my undecided rants and as well as I just didn't gain weight I gain good friends.

At night I look at my reflection in the mirror, I saw a guy who is braver, more open to possibilities, confident and at thesame time a person who is  sexy inside out.

I have achieved the body I've wanted,  and it's been a year since then- August of 2011 til now this guy is still eager to push myself on my gym routine. I am still the weirdo guy, I am still the smart-ass witty lad. But I am better than yesterday. Sexier and fitter!

  1. buti pa ikaw na meet mo na goal mo ako 3 months na sa gym ang bagal ng progress ko.. huhu!

    pero di pa din susuko :)

  2. shenanigans: Hehehe, thanks. Kaya mo yan!


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