Frankly I'm kind of losing my sanity. I don't have enough space to fit in myself and jiving myself to someone that is being so hard on me. With all the traces of pain and hallucination, nerves and some disgusting words that degrades my being, all I say is that I can't take it anymore.

I needed help, from the past I had, from the pressing problem of my present and the undecided future I will be having. I couldn't fathom what's next, if I am stepping up my game to start a new life all over again. Volting  in and shutting down all negativity from the inside out of my daring and unpaved life, mouthing words to fill in some lapses and trying to verbalize the nitty gritty of my life is just so hard to blurt out. How then can a man survive? Up all night, lamenting some horrendous words that resound inside this unprecedented four corner of nowhere.

The darkness encapsulating the space is deafining. Euphoric sound is a mantra of some bragger.

All is set and I am leaving.

I am leaving

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  1. hugs... so sorry to hear this...


    1. Hi JJ, thanks for remembering me.

  2. aaww.. i guess you have to embrace those negativity as well kasi it cant be puro na lang positive kelangan mo din ng negative things..that's the way it is. yin and yang. balance of life.

    all is well timmy. worry not too much. dont think too much.. relax lang and everything will be just fine.

    di ko man alam ang storya ng buhay mo pero....

    ngayon ka pa ba susuko?

    i thought you're much braver now? di ba sabi mo yan sa post mo nung nakita mo na ang result ng pag gi-gym mo? :)

    1. Russell it really helped me reading this. I hope to meet you soon guys.

    2. I didn't just leave a comment Timmy.. ;)

      Very comforting for me to know na my message helped you in some ways.

      kung susuko ka na.. I guess you're not the guy I thought you were

    3. russell- nope, I won't. I just need sometime to think.


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