Reinvention is somewhat relevant to change, it is finding some piece that can pull off a new image by using those existing and yet unworthy things on the eyes of many. Like a broken glass that has been bumped up and never in million years can be of good source of income.  It is a mark down to see same facet, it is even vague to brag about the growth that we are in, when we know we ain't growing well as a mature person.

I do understand why celebrities are more open to reinventing themselves, experimenting, not because they're rebellious or have gone too much on fame and fortune. Reinvention is a self- experimentation, a chance to discover the character inside of you that has been  nagging to just at-least let it out. Explore the dare-devil side of you.

In a form of art, most artist find inspiration in expressing  freedom. Renaissance days was a masterpiece of freedom and love for ourselves. A time where some artist paints nude women. It's a famous masterpiece that til now has been viewed as one of the best century of art and freedom of oneself. In a society that is conjured by limited understanding, most people are suffering from traumatic torture, tormented by eyes that are full of self-centeredness, judgmental mouth that has been regarded as Puritans. In recent years, I am thankful that I was brought up in some style of liberation, not a rebel rocker but somebody who is more open to possibilities.

Somehow it is empowering to feel that those nasty Puritans are rampaging each other, talking nastily about the things that you have done. Telling you things that are conducive with all the negativity at par. I have to admit, it took me months to post that pic, it took time for me to  realize that I guess it is something that I can do. Taking a part of nudity is not a problem, still the responsible and controlled being is inside of me.

Take it or leave it. It is my life.

Reinvention of Oneself

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