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I wanted to write same as Dan, just the normal shag of thought fighting between the tip of his mindset and his ability to draw. Not that I am tired of writing something lengthy, but sometimes what struck other people's heart is just a phrase with a heavy meaning to fathomed. Right? Or should I leave this draft as it is?

As is, where is. Those mind blowing ideas and the boggling reality to crack the world, I mean I wanted to tell story that is worth reading and pondering. Not just a regular erratic post that shows my being so vulnerable, or me being stuck in Pampanga right now, doing nothing. Trying to cooperate or should I be saying trying to adjust on things that is way beyond my taste on living life. An outgoing lad,outspoken,gym-rat and sorta addict on something unusual is now a prisoner. Literally, I felt like puking, pooping and wanking my balls on cam, to show disgrace, but darn I have to compose myself. Adjust and adjust.

Last night I had started my mantra, my artwork lifing. Maybe one day soon, I can be able to paint the basic faces and facets of life. It could be this empty facade that drool emotions and leave every mind empty. Wow! Drastically proportioned? haha. Leave it as it is.

What bloggers do during daytime and night time?

Well, I am this typical blogger who got floods of ideas to write about, it could be about sex which is my main forte, about life which we are so expert about, inspirational stories, a movie reviews, and or this infamous trending fashion blog? Suited? An artist's mind is way broader than the universe, it could even cast a widespread brown out to a lame community of lameness. To think of, we can actually create a world of our own, depending on how we accept and internalize things. Every idea that could sprout from an artist's mind is worth doing,listing,keeping or what soever "ing" you could possibly imagine or could think of.

 Let me bring you to the galaxy where everything is floating and sparkling. Open your mind and start to imagine we are riding a very fast space shuttle, you can now see the the asteroids with your naked blurry eyes. Or let's go shopping, is MOA would do to you? Let's visit Forever 21 a clothing line for everybody, big or small lady or not. Don't forget to carry a bag of your own- we have to drop by in a grocery store called 7-11, is this a grocery store? Maybe, ah, a convenience store.

Okay that's for now, I need to release this shit out of my head. It's like having a baby, it suck milk, but I ain't a milk-man. No deliveries yet. aw aw.

Note: Bright idea comes from those who think stupidly. Imagining Quiapo as paradise, and evading privacies, mimicking others but with a twist of his own craft. We can copy, but do not paste it- just get the idea, and materialized it using your powdery thought. Sandy hallucinating imagination, your vision, to end this.

Artist's Battle

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  1. So is this you announcing your other side of being an artists? hehe

  2. Shenanigans: yes. hahaha

  3. Im impressed :)

    kung maka impress kala mo naman critic ako. hahaha

  4. hahaha.. Uu nga naman.

    1. nag email na po pala ako :)


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