You are the light of the world that carries love and care for us.
The joy that enchants every man in the world. Your voice is a melody of life.
Every word that comes out of your mouth is an essential piece for life. How then can this beauty
be  ignored, no one- you are such a find.

The hair that shines like a sun, or way better than that, it is truly your crowning glory.
You blow everyone from the inside out when you talk, it is with grace and humility.
With power and authority.

You have embark on some great changes in life, but you have remained humble and true.
The woman with dignity,self-respect and might.

So vulnerable and delicate but assuredly you are the woman of authority,
your words symbolizes love. You epitomizes passion for greatness in all aspects of life.
A rewarding thought when we made good things, an advice for goodness when we have  faults.

Your effortless style and lilting manner made the world go round.
You are a mother, a woman of love, a lady of will and a beauty to beat.
A lady of knowledge and vision.
But  above all this, you are the woman who makes our life meaningful as the days pass by.

I am watching you looking yourself on the mirror, a sign of age has began to show
instead of worrying and stopping it, you smile-
I would wonder what is on your mind,
as for me, I have understand that YOU'VE AGE EXCEPTIONALLY.

Your beauty defines truthfulness, with the lines you've seen-
I now concluded that you are a true beauty in all walks of life.

Beauty in All aspects

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  1. para kanino yan? kay mom mo? hehe

    nag email na pala ako sayo

  2. Shenanigans: yes, for every woman who is a mother. :)

    1. aaahhh! nyway, di sinasagot ako.. :(

      sabi ko nag email na po ako

  3. lovely..indeed a woman, a mother or not, has a beauty that never fades :)


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