As a believer of art and its freedom of expression I totally agree on taking risks and creating something that is beyond limits. You have to beat all the odds in order to create something that in due time people would dare to say "it's a piece of art." Chanel had took risk on using men's bottom for women's.

I have to admit lately i have been taking risks, it has been an adventure to look- back then. I felt like everything that happened lately was a total mash-ups of everything I have encountered. Skirmishing toughly enough to shag my fear off, taking and making decisions as if I know what's going to happen next.

Removing all the doubts and thanking God for every challenges and chances I have. Making my life more meaningful, to be more inspired. To be the reason of others to live more, to be better in all aspects of life. There might be a major down grade, but it's for goodness sake.

What's the point of living life if i don't know what my purpose is?  Knowing what my purpose is, might take sometimes. But with a strong faith, life will soon get better and better. I thank blogging is fun. It's a job for me but there's more rewarding than unique clicks! there's way better than that.

Blogging is to inspire others, blogging is to pave the way for others to be heard, to be listened to.

Blogging is art!


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    1. hahahaha.. Oh bakit?

    2. Pansin mo panahon ngayon ang init init sa umaga kahit malapit na magpasko?

      Ang inet! hahaha!

      Kulang yung number na binigay mo :/

      *masyado na akong pinahihirapan ng word verification mo ah! hahaha

    3. UU nga eh, tapos pinainit ko pa lalo? hahaha.


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