Oh dear God, I am your servant, your sheep that is lost. I chose the path where you don't want me to be. I defile the plans and your grace that you've bestowed on me. My being hard-headed caused me pain and trouble in life. Oh my dear precious God, track me your servant. I am far from getting saner.

Almighty Omega, rescue my soul. I am positive that with your love and your grace I will survive from the pit of darkness. Lord my Father send me your angels of rescue, when my fate is unclear.

God remind me that you are my God, remind me that You are my Father. I need your help. Help me. I claim my authority and right as to being your son oh Lord of mercy.

I feel like losing my life, i am all alone and scared. Forgive me with all the mistakes and errors I have committed. God, cleanse me with your pure blood. Help me oh God.

Help me God! I need your love and comfort. I am now wandering on this street, no home no comfort. My father, send me your angels of rescue.

Oh God, may this prayer of hope be the key for me to live, for me to see the light on this dark side of the earth.

Oh God rescue me! In Jesus my God, Amen.

Nearer to getting sane

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  1. this is really alarming... are you okay? is there anything i can do?

    hugs timmy :(

  2. Shenanigans: Hi, yes I am beaten..


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