Don't shun away, face your  problems, acknowledge  it-

nothing beats the reality, no matter how eager we are to get rid off of
the truth-still it hunts us down. The worse thing is, it got  even harder
to bear.Enough to take  us down, deeper.

I held my hands uphigh, noticing you kneeling down, tears had fallen.
Your face is an angelic creation of God, yet right at this moment I couldn't 
see any joy nor happiness that I was expecting.instead a gloomy and weary eyes
rekindled. Aptly I was expecting you to be shy, but you passed by me with a
vociferating sound. 

It chills me to the bone.I can feel the  remorseful echo blaching into the wind.
Weary and tired voice, I could sense you have been crying all day long, maybe worse than what am I blabbing now.

Lamping at you, I don't know that I couldn't even move my eyes to the brimming architectural design of this church.Your hair that bounces, its flow is really a beauty in itself. My mind was questioning, why then  can this beauty be sad? I fed my thoughts with an assurance that maybe you are just facing a huge problem today. Reassuring myself that you are going to bee just fine soonest.

My friend had signaled me to go, I neglected it. Instead I  told him to go first.
I was keen, so keen watching at you. I know you are not doing fine, there's
beneath that remorseful sound, that flooding tears from a beauty that is you.
The silk dress you have seems crumpled. For thirty-five minutes now, still you are kneeling down. 
Same dodge.I wanted to comfort you, to listen, but as strangers' character, I chose to recede.

The echo of your deafening mumble was horrendous. Whilst other eyes were drooling, I know their not praying-they're gossiping. They're conjuring malign thoughts- they're the crazy puritans.
 Right from beyond I can sense these people's heart. Judging as if they know what is happening to you.
A nun came and approached you, simple nods had transpired. Why can't they let you savor the moment to be alone. My mind was excruciating these riff-raff. If only i have the power to burn them  into ash I've done it! 

Of Pain and Ridicule

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