Bangag is a word that describes me best, my current predicament. In English it defines being mentally unstable, physically weary and emotionally bothered.

The dilemma is persistent enough to relive the negativity. Balancing it with sounds and echoes I've heard at night. Calling myself crazy and insane. I have self-doubt and a lack of focus. I have become so irritable, my hormones are frantic, lunatic. All those neurons that supposed to support me to stabilized my  stance and way of thinking had gone weary as well.

Upon writing this, my brain is not quite responding. My body is producing some negative hormones that puts me into bad vibes. I couldn't think so well, I snarl.

Am I at risk on being crazy?


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  1. tim, you are normal! all of us experience this state at times. the only difference is, you can describe your feelings so well! :)

    1. Hi Kit- thank you for noticing it. :)


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