It's November now, the Halloween had saddened the city abruptly. People were heading to cemeteries, some into their homeland visiting their relatives who have passed away. Whilst me carrying my gym back three days now, traversing the very hot city with nothing but a book of E.L. James. I've got hooked to it since Yuri told me this is something to look forward to and yes he's right, I can not take myself from getting hooked to it.

Back to the city, its solemness have hasten me not to stay indoor, it is deafening and seems like i might be hitting the haywire for its clandestine.

An upfront thought hits me after watching Kelly Clarkson's Dark Side newest single. I got beaten to its deep meaning, given idea of having a bad and dark side. Some notable lines that could possibly uplifts some dying hearts and gloomy souls which is "Can you love me, even with my darker side?"

Infused with so much emotions and so much strength to move forward and forgetting the dark side that at once we've lived on. Inspiring us to not to give-up instead pursue and let the odd see you at the top. On top of every trials comes a new learning and new growth- making us appreciate the life even more. To look forward on our daily musings and let that past be a mirror to do better things. Cause, committing mistakes is fine, as long as we don't stick on it.

For now, here's the video.. Enjoy!

Dark Side

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  1. Anonymous11/06/2012

    Accepting a person inspite of their dark side.. Expensive make-up and all :)


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