Er, the Miss Universe fever is over and the newest queen has been crowned. Congratulations to our very own representative Ms. Philippines Janine Marie Tugunon for  bagging the first runner up. The ravishing Filipina beauty made the whole world bow, her enchanting glow and the stage presence was undeniably the one to beat during the pageant night.

I've scour the web looking for opinions and rants about her placement and have found some bitter sweet comments about her placement. Well, we can't do anything about it anymore- since the judges have chosen Ms. USA to be Miss Universe.

Admittedly she delivered her best, in question and answer portion where some ladies stumbled just like Ms. Venezuela who screwed up answering her question. A total mess and she's just running in circles. Great thing she finished second.  Janine however delivered the best answer of the night leading people to scream. An outstanding performance of a Filipina beauty outshone everyone. Three years in a row.

We all know how big is Ms. Universe in our country. And being able to watch it is a joy to our hearts. Cheering for our representative and she making the third cut is a great gift for us on this holiday season. The best thing to do instead of bragging, nagging and be bitter about her placement, we should be more happy and be excited as this pageant may-be held in our native land next year! So bracing ourselves on we might bag the crown then right?

We have to look forward for the next year's Ms. Universe. Good Luck-

Happy Holidays!

Be Better not Bitter

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  1. True. I love Janine. :D Hopefully next year we will still be on the top.

  2. We are on the top this year. But we can't beat the truth- it is what it is.


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