As you can see I only have two posts last month, it was quite a struggle for me to make a draft and just at least jot down all the sturdy things that had happened. Trying to inked it, marking it as a memory and as an experience in life.

My life have gone mature yet I have savor the taste of being immature and indecisive. My jobless status is truly a pain the ass right now. I couldn't agree more on fastening my seat-belt because I know December could be a horror month for me. The direst time of my 2012 life I guess. I have gone all out, on decisions, journeying uncertainly, and meeting wrong people. Having relied on those sturdy promises had caused me pain as well.

My plans have been sucked up terribly. the unbeaten is now fucked up.

But I am holding on to my dreams, to the plans I have shed tears. To the colorful house I have plan to  build. My life is a mess, but certainly this would be a glamorous mess.

My December is quite scary, it's unfathomable. Perhaps relying on positivity is all I can do. Preserving the good vibes and retaining the coolness of my mindset is the best thing that I can possibly do. I have to hold on. I have to take it slow. Life may be a bit rough and turmoil, but there are lessons that are worthy of its picking along the road. I am optimistic that after all these, mine is the last laugh.

As this song says- I WON'T GIVE UP.


The positive mindset beyond turmoil.

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  1. This is also what I feel. It sucks when you begin the year, you plan for something and when the year ends, it all go crashing down the drain.

    Don't worry, you are not alone. Let's hold onto our dreams together! WE can do this!

    1. Oh LJ, thanks alot buddy for the inspiration. I am crawling, but will soon bounce back. Let's hold on!


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