How then can we start the new year with a great mindset and some better plans for our future right? We'v e proven that the world didn't end at piece- instantly what came out from my mind is that I still have the great future ahead of me, still can be able to accomplish my dreams and at the same time make use of my talent and skills to help and influence others. 

My 2012 hadn't been a wonderful year to ponder, but as a grateful man I have to view it as a wonderful year with some tears of pain and with lots of hugs and kisses in between. Gratitude changes attitude. I chose not to make any new year's resolutions as it is just going to veer me away from making them come true. Instead- I have made a possible steps on planning my future. The world is gearing up, and there would be no excuse for me not to be excited on the 12 months of journey. I'm sure it would be a great skirmish with lessons to learned and opportunities to be grabbed.

Whilst others were yelling, celebrating new year, I myself stayed inside the room. Tired from my 2 days of parteeing and boom  3 boils popped out. I screwed up again.

 I'd slept the whole day, not caring about what to prepare and what to eat on later that night. And so the twelve midnight came, people are cramming to blow their throats off eating. Firecrackers were everywhere, worst thing the odor just incessantly killing me. My neighbors are screaming and happily feasting the food they'd prepared. 

While others are doing the mundane, I found myself praying, tears kept flowing and flowing. I couldn't withdrawn myself from being so emotional as the 2012 will soonest ends. I thank God for everything that had happened. The joyful year indeed. This has been my routine every new year's eve. Instead of joining others to party, I chose to set myself in a quite room praying, thanking God for the past year I have. So far- it hasten me to do it more and more. 

For now, the vision's clearer. The decisions are feasibly studied for my own goodness. I have learned alot to love my life and my health. Ayoko na. Natuto na ako sa maling asal and pag abuso sa kalusugan ko. Tama na! This year, I will regain back my ALINDOG!


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