I am not faking anything, nor making someone believed that I have this and I have that. It's a taunting task to do so anyway- and pretentiously it didn't got into my nerve to do it. As much as possible I wanted to be just the person who is real and not the "fuck-up lad" trying to give everyone a sweet caress of  fakeness.

For the past 3 weeks of living with people who are positive of HIV/AIDS I gotta say it changes me. With a different personalities to matched up. My daily hiatus to make, battling it out as they are gearing up to survive and make their life once again gaudy. I am dealing with so many different personalities, their stories and their struggles in life.

All wanting to be heard. Wanting to just at least give me something to ponder, something to write down in here.  As a blogger who is learning about life, kicking every barrier that hinders me from moving and taking impossibilities as if I am the toughest one.

Their stories pinged me inside. There are "disowned" labels, the "nawalan ng mana" and the "balik-alindog project" every night. I have seen them acing everyday struggles, their strength to outwit it is such a thing to reckoned with. I am lucky enough to share my time with them. And giving me a new hope and putting my hope in God is the most important.

"I have seen death" someone said. "But the death denied me." This is such a strong phrase I have conjured. A phrase that somehow changes my perspective in life. In my mind, let us not fear death, instead let the death fears us.

With this amazing lesson I have learned. I will be living life in a different perspective.


A different perspective

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